Bienvenue au Chateau

Drinks in a colorful courtyard, dinners at long festive tables in the castle garden. Getting married in a romantic church right next to the castle or under the impressive Cedar tree. Late night party in the old barn or intimate around a fire with acoustic music. Fine intimate accommodation with a royal stay in the castle while the other guests sleep close by on your  own wedding campsite or in a beautiful gite nearby. Was that it? Well... no! Another day extra to enjoy afterwards together. Have breakfast in the morning sun at long tables in the park garden, play a game in the afternoon, go for a swim or bake pizzas in an age-old oven. Under the starry sky, muse over this unforgettable three days in which not only you but also your friends and family have created a bond that can last a lifetime. Does that sound attractive?

Why marry in France?

The French know how to celebrate life. They take the time for good food and drinks, a nice chat. This relaxed atmosphere can also be found at the Chateau Barayre. The weather is nice so everything can take place outside. How cool is it to celebrate love together at your own castle? Three days together in a natural, intimate place gives you the chance to talk to everyone in a relaxed way. All beautiful ingredients to make it an unforgettable wedding. And the bonus: the destination for your honeymoon or vacation for your guests is right outside our gate.

The advantages of marrying abroad
  • Beautiful weather. No guarantees, but the periods that we host ceremonies are sunny and dry periods. Three days of celebration outside in the fantastic castle garden. Unforgettable.

  • Relaxed. A mini vacation just to celebrate your love. Because of the journey everyone leaves the daily sores at home. Everyone is relaxed and you have plenty of time for everyone. Families and friends really have the time to get to know each other.

  • Intimate. A foreign wedding is often slightly smaller. Just the family and friends that you really want to have with you. This gives a very intimate atmosphere. No obligations to give obligatory hands to the girlfriend of your wife's colleague ;)

  • Budget. Because prices are lower in France, the cost of a marriage is often lower than at home. Moreover, travel expenses are often paid by the guests themselves.

Sustainable world, sustainable wedding

Beside sustainable relationships, also a sustainable world please! That’s why we do things slightly different. At Chateau Barayre aim to organize everything as sustainabe as possible. A little bit different, often cheaper, always surprising. As fancy and comfortable as possible to help doubters. We learn and experiment with creative ideas that make our location and your party more sustainable. We share our experiences on social networks. What do we do?


  • We build sustainably. Among others, we use natural paint and eco toilets.

  • We party sustainably and aim for zero waste. Our waste can go to the compost heap or is recyclable. An example; no confetti but rose petals from the garden.

  • We eat sustainably. From a classic dinner with local (organic) products to a vega(n) wedding party.

  • We offer sustainable travel options. What do you think of your own wedding coupe/compartment in the TGV as an alternative to flying?


Relaxed guests and a relaxed party are the most important things, so no obligations. We try to inspire and offer good options. You choose. Want to bring your own ideas? Nice!