About us

We are Rachna and Jaap. Since 2019 we live at Chateau Barayre with our children Tijko and Enna. From spring to autumn - when it is summer here - we rent out part of the castle to guests. We know this beautiful location for years and want to make the castle an even finer place for everyone who likes to feel like a lord or maiden for a few days and wants to enjoy peace, space, nature and the good French life.

At Barayre we are building a beautiful and resilient place where people, animals and nature can flourish in balance. We care about the world around us and try live our lives as sustainable. This proves to be a fun challenge. It usually requires an extra bit of research and thinking but is often cheaper, always adventurous and full of new insights. Our guests are of course more than welcome to come take a look, taste or give a helping hand. As a good host and hostess we like to think along with the wishes of our guests. Your input and creative ideas help us to make Barayre an even finer place.

Sustainable holidays, marriages and workshops

Beside sustainable relationships, also a sustainable world please! That’s why we do things slightly different. At Chateau Barayre we aim to organize everything as sustainable as possible. A bit different, often cheaper, always surprising. As fancy and comfortable as possible to help doubters. We learn and experiment with creative ideas that make our location and your holiday or party more sustainable. We share our experiences on social networks and in workshops. What do we do?

  • We build sustainably. Among others, we use local untreated wood, old and fully natural chalk based concrete, natural paint, eco toilets and more.

  • We party sustainably and aim for zero waste. Waste is fermented, goes to the compost heap or is recyclable. An example; no confetti but rose petals from the garden.

  • We eat sustainably. From a classic dinner with local (organic) products to a vega(n) wedding party. We build on and eat (together with our guests!) from our organic vegetable garden and orchard and have started planting a food forest.

  • You can plant your own trees to capture you trip CO2 and offer sustainable travel options. What do you think of your own wedding compartment in the TGV?

Relaxed guests are the most important things, so ease and comfort are key. We try to inspire and offer good options. You choose. Your own ideas? Nice!​

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